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Thank you Matthew

Matthew Fagan has been a musical part of many events I've had the pleasure of chairing over the past 22 years. Matthew is so easy and lovely to work with not to mention his wonderful sense of humor. His guitar expertise lends itself to many types of occasions, but his music is always perfect in any art reception, celebration of friends, memorial tribute, upbeat gathering or driving in one's car. My latest experience working with Matthew was at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony where his special music, combined with the wind in the trees and the sounds of nature, rendered a perfect atmosphere for all attending. Thank you Matthew. You are indeed one in a million!
Martha Minkler
Temecula, California

Unparalleled Artist

Matthew Fagan's introspective and artistic playing style is a refreshing escape from today's world. HIs live performances, spiced with whimsy and humor, are just as good as the albums, except enhanced by his happy persona and pleasant demeanor. Time spent on Tuckerman Lane or exploring Mindscapes is never wasted. Instead, like a patron in a gallery, the listener is rewarded with fleeting moments of true acoustic beauty.
Jeff Waddleton
Temecula, CA

Great local talent

As far as local music talent goes, Matt Fagan is the cream of the crop in my opinion. With two CDs under his belt and a third on the way, his love of music is quite evident in all that he performs and records. His easy listing genre and fingerpicking style are hallmarks of his talent.
Larry Cooley
Temecula CA

Easy Listening Plus

Performer. Composer. Listening to Fagan's music is like a gentle breeze and swaying leaves on a warm sunny day. Lulled with heat, rhythm, and melody you find yourself in acoustical perfection.
Barbara Matthews
1 to 4 of 19  |

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